Colartix - Unique Hydrolyzed Cartilage Matrix for Joint Care


Rousselot Health & Nutrition launches its unique hydrolyzed cartilage matrix from natural cartilage for joint care backed by consumer science. The scientific results of the research are based on a study with more than two hundred consumers. The study was performed in a real-life setting across age, gender and activity level. This ingredient is suitable to be integrated in dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages. 

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Mobility and joint care

How consumers needs are fueling the demand for effective joint care supplements

Exercise, or simply being able to walk and move without pain, is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. 

Healthy joints are important in people’s daily mobility. Lifestyle factors such as diet choice or sedentary habits may hinder mobility in the long run for all age groups.

More and more people trust in dietary supplements to achieve the necessary nutrients intake to reduce joint inflammation and discomfort and to maintain
healthy joints.

In 2026, the estimated retail sales values for dietary supplement are 15,6 billion USD and for functional foods and beverages 15,0 billion USD.1

What does healthy mobility and nutrition mean for consumers?2

From busy weeks to being able to do their favorite hobbies without any kind
of joint discomfort, consumers seek a nutritional solution that will work in maintaining strong and healthy joints. Let's meet the consumers and take a closer look at their nutritional habit that supports their active needs:

Colartix®, the joint care innovation with all-in-one cartilage matrix that answers to consumers' needs

Fueled with new consumer-based science


Colartix®, derived from cartilage, is a natural matrix of collagen peptides and chondroitin sulfate.*



*Colartix is not a single source of one specific collagen type.

What makes Colartix unique?

  • Natural safe solution
  • IP process ongoing
  • Specific technological process developed
  • Reduce joint discomfort 
  • Fast action
  • Traceable and backed by science
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Science successfully tested in real life

Online consumer study based on 200+ consumers

In a recent placebo-controlled consumer study1 involving more than 200 consumers of different genders, all ages and across activity types from gardening, brisk walking to marathon training. A daily intake of 1g Colartix demonstrated a steadily decrease in joint discomfort across gender, age and sport intensity.


Changes in joint pain after exercise were assessed by the participants using a Visual Analog Scale (VAS)


Colartix supplemented group reported reduced joint pain after exercise, whilst in the placebo supplemented group joint pain remained steady over time.

  • Significant results after 3 weeks
  • Still significant decrease 4 weeks after wash-out phase compared to initial pain indication

  • Only 3% drop out rate in Colartix group compare to 19% in placebo group
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Colartix is easy to use and versatile in different applications

  • Easy to mix with other ingredients
  • Available in porcine and bovine sources 
  • Low daily dosage of 1g
  • Suitable for dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages**
  • Potential to be included in innovative joint supplements 
  • No additive or E numbers
  • World class safe product

** Colartix is suitable for food supplements. Please check local regulations for Functional Foods & Beverages applications, and if presence of chondroitin sulfate has to be declared on the end-product label.


Download your free Fruity Joint Treat recipe

Enjoy indulgence and joint care at the same time

Download your free Fruity Joint Treat recipe
Colartix is currently available in selected countries, for more details please contact us.